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About us

A few words about us

A fitness experience exclusively for women.

Lady Factory is a story about female unity, for each of us to fulfill our dream of living our beauty.
It is the story of the new feminist sports destination in Bucharest, Lady Factory.

A real “factory” of female beauty, in a sports location with premium design – industrial, which promotes the energy of female unity through sport.

Design your body

Lady factory. Girls United!

Come and practice with us the emotion of female unity, in an exclusive gym, so that you can discover your most beautiful version.

Authentic feminist energy of sport, which comes from the power of our unity. United for your beauty.

Lady Factory is therefore a promise of female unity, for beauty!



Fitness classes keep us healthy, beautiful, very toned and energetic. Fitness sessions, which include multiple cardio and stretching exercises, trains
in a fun and effective way the muscles of the whole body, acting from the inside to the outside, improving even the mental and emotional state. The fitness
it makes us look good and feel exceptional!


Aerobics, the most effective physical activity through which we oxygenate at the level cellular, includes a series of exercises to help our bodies become more supple, lighter, more flexible and more resistant. Aerobics especially works our legs, thighs and hands, but also stimulates the release of endorphins in the blood, and it makes us more smiling and more confident!

Steam room

Sauna is a treat that every woman should give herself at least once on week! The minutes in the sauna will have a divine effect on you: body and soul.
The benefits of the sauna are many: it helps detoxify the body, strengthens immunity, improves circulation, reduces muscle and joint tension, helps to lose weight, beautifies the skin and reduces daily stress!